Some Camp Stories Are Just a Wee Bit Better Than Others…

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Here is a wonderful story for a young man from Camp Baco and his camp family.  Check out the short video toward the bottom of the linked page…

Camp Couples

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Not all camp couples last longer than a few days or a few weeks.  But some go on much, much longer.  Here’s a nice article about a few couples that have gone on and on.

If you are a long running camp couple, or if you just have a great photo or story to share, we are here to document and share.  Summer love is now in the museum.


Look what just arrived…

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We have a little product that everyone will love!  For parents, campers, grandparents, and friends.  Some saw the prototype last summer.  Now the real thing has arrived for everyone.  And it is terrific!  Send your voice in a letter.  And get your camper’s voice back.  Visit the TMOC store here:


FIRST Firsts

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There are a lot of FIRST Firsts that happen at camp. First day of camp, first kiss, first friend, and more. We will be exploring and sharing these people and moments at The Museum Of Camp. You can add yourselves, your friends, and your thoughts here at The Museum. It’s a great way to document and seal the memories of our lives.

You are now the subject of your own museum.


When You Look At The Photos, What Do You See?

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It’s late June and if you have kids going to camp, you have probably packed and shipped them off by now. With any luck, you are already on-line looking at the camp photos dissecting your child’s happiness. But how about you? When you look at this summer’s camp photos, what do you see? Beth saw Isaac wearing the specially packed Fourth of July shirt on the first full day of camp. That shirt will never be clean in time to wear again on the Fourth, as intended. She even thinks the teenage British counselors should have told him not to wear the shirt, yet. Really, Beth? This is what you see? I just figured if he really wanted to wear the shirt again on Fourth of July he would take it out of his laundry bag. And I’m kind of all right with that.

Let us know what you see or experience as you watch the kids from a well deserved distance.

The Isaac Games

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We celebrated Isaac’s birthday a little early and the theme was camp Color War.  We called it The Isaac Games.  We had two teams that competed in sports, apache relay, plaque, and sing.  Who was the winner?  Everyone was the winner!

Artwork and Canteen by Mom.  Head Judge was older brother Noah.  Thanks to all the campers and parents.


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What’s the best thing about the internet?  Search buttons.  Use our search button in the upper right hand corner of your screen and search by camp, friend, or just about anything.  But camp or friend is best.

May 2015

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As May 2015 ends, The Museum Of Camp is proud to be represented by members of 14 different camps in less than a month of activity.  Thank you to everyone for starting us out right and we are ready for your friends and families join us.  We look forward to June when the kids are off again to camp and parents can get together with old friends.  Let us know what’s happening as you get ready for summer!