When You Look At The Photos, What Do You See?

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It’s late June and if you have kids going to camp, you have probably packed and shipped them off by now. With any luck, you are already on-line looking at the camp photos dissecting your child’s happiness. But how about you? When you look at this summer’s camp photos, what do you see? Beth saw Isaac wearing the specially packed Fourth of July shirt on the first full day of camp. That shirt will never be clean in time to wear again on the Fourth, as intended. She even thinks the teenage British counselors should have told him not to wear the shirt, yet. Really, Beth? This is what you see? I just figured if he really wanted to wear the shirt again on Fourth of July he would take it out of his laundry bag. And I’m kind of all right with that.

Let us know what you see or experience as you watch the kids from a well deserved distance.